Exhibitions: WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath


Our visitors respond to this 30-second video.

  • Do some of the images from d-day still replay in your memory if so do you try to avoid them or do you let them play out?

    — Valentino Lopez

    I remember D-Day vividly - as if it were yesterday. Not a day goes by in my life when I haven't thought of D-day... of a buddy who was killed in WW2. Combat does something to you - images you cannot forget... never forget... it replays in my mind... It is such a horrendous happening... witnessing someone being wounded and also some horrific ways they died and/or were killed. I love those guys I served with like brothers... you develop such an unbreakable bond...

  • As someone who has never fought in a war, what should I know about that experience that could help me understand it?

    — Anne

    It is difficult to understand 'war' even for those, like me, who fought in 5 'conflicts' and was 1 of 2 survivors of 219 men in 'C' Company taking major hits. The experience of being in conflict stays with me forever. I am a very patriotic person but I'd recommend you stay out of the Infantry - do your service elsewhere.

  • What advice would you give to young people considering joining the military?

    — Alexandra Honore

    It is a honor to serve your country but you must be prepared for the toll that war/conflict can take - it is a horror. You need to be prepared on all levels - psychologically and other ways... you have to be ready. You cannot imagine what happens during combat.

  • Since you returned home from fighting the war, how much of your story have you been able to tell, and under what circumstances? Has this been helpful for you? Thanks in advance for your response.

    — Xandra

    I was able to talk about it in varied circles; friends, family and certain military groups. It was helpful and never bothered me to talk about my experiences. The only thing I was afraid of during my service was that perhaps I couldn't handle it... if I misbehaved in front of the enemy... I'd rather have been killed than misbehave or run away in the face of the enemy...

  • What do you think of the way veterans are taken care of in our country?

    — Marcia

    I don't think the veterans are all that well taken care of in our country. War takes a heavy toll - especially when you serve overseas in a foreign country far from home. Veterans need better care and our country could do a better job, better benefits and the appeals process is very long. They should be more aware and care giving of what the veteran did in service...