Exhibitions: Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui


Our visitors respond to this 30-second video.

  • Connections between the physical and the spiritual, between the dynamic and the static.

    — Sthu

  • There is tremendous joy in these.works, due in part to the freedom with which they can be shaped, draped, arranged, moved. The use of humble and common materials give a sense of the beauty and worth of everything we encounter in the world. They are a tribute to and a celebration of life.

    — Tulsi

  • Creativity of what is simply an everyday object to a work of art is simply incredible
    I loved it

    — Symonne

  • I love how adaptable and open these works are. It's a complete exemplification of the notion that art pieces are illimitable in the range of interpretive possibilities they offer, to the viewer, the curator, to the spaces they inhabit...superb!

    — Sephora

  • This is so beautiful and this company is so talented

    — Tessa