Exhibitions: Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui


Our visitors respond to this 30-second video.

  • I see how the artist, when connected to The Creator has the power to transform. junk existing only in the eyes of the sleeping, nothing and no one should be discard, we all have the potential to be beautiful

    — A-dZiko

  • I see connections to his daily life. I love his creativity. He turned garbage into superb works of art. I will think of him next time I open any can or bottle.

    — Pat

  • It makes me realize that if we do not become culturally, historically, and socially more flexible, fluid, nd I thou boundaries ..including national boundaries.. We will choke in our own ideological debris and clutter.

    — Ana

  • In the installation of paper mâché bags, I noticed some of the paper materials they were made of. I saw instructions and guides for understanding algorithms, news and current events, as well as small vignettes which I couldn't quite read. A simple structure made out of things that provide an understanding for something much bigger than ourselves... And it's used to make a structure like a giant bag. I see a connection to the amazing human experience and how we take it all for granted sometimes- even for things as insignificant as simplicity

    — Robert

  • I see earthmarks: maps and landscapes,puddles and aerial views. I also see humanity: creation and creativity, the handmade and community made, cities, travel, junk made magical.

    — Liza Zapol