Exhibitions: Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui


Our visitors respond to this 30-second video.

  • How amazing to create something but not give specific installation instructions. Reminder to all of us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder

    — Susan

  • Me siento muy conmovida con esta obra, estoy experimentando emocion al ver la naturaleza de los materiales que usa y al mismo tiempo placer estetico. Esta es una obra muy poderosa. Es arte puro y representa la posibilidad de crear belleza a partir de la basura, he llorado al entrap a ver esta obra.

    — Maria

  • I love the way visitors of all ages can access the work. I am listening and watching kids find shapes and colors. I am enjoying the play f light on the works.

    — Dina

  • I see that we are all connected and that it takes a great artist to bring it out. He has taken the waste of the western word and created Beaty and meaning from it.

    — Lilly

  • Between imagination and construction

    — Pam