Exhibitions: Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui


Our visitors respond to this 30-second video.

  • I see a connection between the disposable and art. Once transformed, even the most mundane objects can become beautiful.

    — Cindy

  • It makes me think of the work ofSheila Hicks, who is his contemporary.

    — Char

  • I see a connection between our beloved and forgotten "third world" and the idealized "first world". I see a globalization metaphor, nothing ever rally leaves our planet. I see old vices that colonizers instilled onto their colonized ones. I see the milk cans that I could have drank from. A very thoughtful collection of pieces with a loaded social commentary.

    — Pierangelo Rossi

  • I see trade connections. The way materials move along trade routes and link us together.

    — Diana

  • I am moved to tears by the humanity of this work. My breath is taken away by the beauty

    — Alison