Exhibitions: Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui


Our visitors respond to this 30-second video.

  • I think about the stories behind each small piece of material, every liquor top and milk cap. That makes these pieces seem even larger, almost infinite, text linked to text linked to text, all down the line.

    — Greg

  • I wonder what tools they use to link these together. These little objects link to big objects. This was almost garbage they took on a form that was intriguing to look at. His social comment is refreshing. This is really croodel

    — JuAn

  • It is wonderful to see how such ordinary and discarded materials can become such beautiful and moving pieces of art that offer so much inspiration.

    — Petrina

  • Wondrous! I see he quilting table of my great aunt with her scraps from the houses she cleaned and the rags from the family's clothes. Sometimes a rug, sometimes a quilt, function changed withe material.

    — Iris

  • These pieces of art have had a great effect on my because of the way that they express extensive movement. The freedom of each individual piece is the dictionary definition (if there was one) of "individualism without repression."

    — Sid