Exhibitions: Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui


Our visitors respond to this 30-second video.

  • I find that just looking at this art makes me think that that the world is bent and shaped differently ever time we touch it and by the way I am10

    — Ella

  • The use of discarded items used to create these fluid sensual pieces excites and inspires me. It is poetic alchemy. The Drainpipe piece for instance where tin metal appear to be gold coins is especially whimsical and witty. What's more is that these pieces are flexible and can reshaped, moved and recreated. It's an incredible cycle.

    — Ana

  • These pieces make me rethink my definitions of opulence and elegance. Their effect is as powerful as the most gorgeous silks and taffeta but their materials are rusted discards reminding me of the abject poverty of the country in which they are made. Truly breathtaking. Thank you.

    — Andrea

  • This exhibition of a dialogue has left me awestruck. To find a conversation possible, even between the elements of a single construction is inspiring. Much like the pieces themselves, the conversation is always open at the edges, inviting many sides of an argument. Their ability to shape-shift yet remain a single concept is highly-refined and yet composed with such common material that humanity is quick to consider waste, or problematic.

    — Brett's

  • The art inspires me to think outside the box and makes me want to "charge" my life and touch those around me!

    — Philip