Exhibitions: Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui


Our visitors respond to this 30-second video.

  • A true artist finds beauty & potential in everything and does not hold back his creative spirit!

    — Rosa Chiricahua

  • I think his sculptures mean something different to every visitor. I personally love his sculptures and I think he should keep encouraging kids to see his art work in museums around the world

    — Carly Age 9

  • The flow and the energy of his artwork have inspired me to be persistent and go outside the box with my own pieces. I've learned that the unusable is usable and mistakes can create masterpieces.

    — Michy

  • It s amazing how close the installation allows you to get to these objects. The works are supple and soft while at the same time, monumental.

    — Mm

  • The images are very evocative and dynamic at the same time

    — William