Exhibitions: Gravity and Grace: Monumental Works by El Anatsui


Our visitors respond to this 30-second video.

  • I appreciate the themes of resurrection, reclamation and reinvention present in this brilliant work. I also get a sense of the vibrancy of life that transcends that pulsates through each unique form. I am thankful for the work and the artist.

    — Kim

  • Using the previous "life" of the materials as a component or additional contribution to the artist's own input is a fascinating dimension. Here the history of the scraps is so cool, so in the background. I compare it to the work of Cruzvillegas (which is at the Walker) where the history of the elements is so much more in the foreground... Same thought very different effect.

    — Eliot

  • If gives a new meaning to art Work! Amazing

    — Khmer

  • It seems that people have been creating contemporary art like this for a while now however, this take us all the a whole new level. This is relevant and this is real. People can now experience culture in a whole new way. This is beautiful. His story is beautiful, and his art allows him to shine. Enjoy.

    — Kaitlin Rogers

    Thanks for your response. The work does speak a global language for me that seems to connect us all. It is so beautiful.

  • @Radiah Harper I thought that this exhibit made great use of refuse turning it into objects to admire and look at in awe. However I thought that a few of the pieces were underwhelming in their scope and their societal message through his description seemed to greatly outweigh the art itself!

    — Solomon