Exhibitions: LaToya Ruby Frazier: A Haunted Capital


Our visitors respond to this 30-second video.

  • When did you begin photography, and think about you in your environment?

    — Amir

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  • I like your body of work!,at a young age. How is your mom?

    — Ajuba Grinage -Bartl

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  • What is the history of your family coming to live in Braddock? In what ways has both the content and commentary of your work changed now that it is no longer your primary residence?

    — Alex F

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  • Ms. Frazier,

    I am writing a piece for the NY Photo Review and I was very moved by your works here. I found myself wondering if your mother or other family members still live in Braddock. Wondered also how your relationship to the place has evolved as you've grown older. While it seems easy to recognize the decay and sadness that permeates these landscapes, they also represent a place that so inspired you. Do you think of Braddock as a dark place in your past or one worth saving? Thank you so much for your time. I very much enjoyed your work.

    — John

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  • Hello- this is not a question but a response. I did not expect to be moved so deeply viewing the work. I'm a 52 year old artist- not easy to move me emotionally - you did! Thank you for you beautiful and introspective show.
    Sincerely, Dennis :)

    — Dennis Greenwell

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