Brooklyn Museum API: the iPhone app released on iTunes


This is a rare weekend blog post from us, but we found out that Brooklyn Museum iPhone app hit iTunes and, well, we just can’t contain ourselves—yay!

If you read this blog, you may remember this app is a product of a real-world use of our newly released API by developer Adam Shackelford at Iconoclash Media.  The creation of the app was announced on our blog about a month ago and as Adam was shepherding it through the app store approval process, I’ve been keeping in touch and hearing stories about Apple’s pretty thorough rounds of testing.  As Adam mentioned at one point, “It never occurred to me, for example, how the app would function if the phone were in airplane mode.”

That said, version 1.0 is in the store for free download now and we are already starting to see the feedback roll in via Twitter and the app store rating system:

emily.jpg      antonio.jpg


So, we’ve seen some early responses and Adam is graciously asking for feedback.  We are grateful to him for his hard work on this app and it amazes me how he and others are using our API to show off our data in innovative ways, all on their own time!

Leave comments here and we will be checking in.