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TechCrunch Disrupt

Come hack with us at TechCrunch Disrupt!

It’s been two years since we released our collections database API and since that time we’ve seen a variety of use from iPhone and iPad…

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Art Collections iPad App

Brooklyn Museum API: Collections iPad App

Our collection data can now be found on the iPad courtesy of Wayne Bishop and his Art Collections app. The app uses our API and…

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App Store Confusion Necessitates API Changes

The museum is well represented in the Apple App Store with not one, but two applications. The first was released in May 2009 by Adam…

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Brooklyn Museum iPhone App ver 1.3 released + API Lessons Learned + Going Open Source

  If you’ve already downloaded the Brooklyn Museum iPhone app (link opens iTunes), you may have noticed an update (or two) for it in the…

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Brooklyn Museum API: the iPhone app released on iTunes

This is a rare weekend blog post from us, but we found out that Brooklyn Museum iPhone app hit iTunes and, well, we just can’t…

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Brooklyn Museum API: the iPhone app

If anyone needed convincing that an API might be a good idea, this news might just do it for you.  A few weeks ago, we…

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Brooklyn Museum Collection API

We are at the sixth month marker of our Collection going online and you may have noticed that we keep adding to the features as…

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