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The nicest error page we hope you never see.

Cloud Watching

A few years ago we moved away from hosting our website infrastructure from its dusty basement to the Cloud. This brought a certain peace of…

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Brooklyn Museum in Google Art Project

Google Art Project Deux

Starting today, you can find the Brooklyn Museum in Google Art Project. I’m here in Paris at the launch for the second phase where more…

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Vishnu Kiosk

The Avatar and the iPad

Early in the planning stages for the Vishnu exhibition, Joan, Shelley, and I began talking about building a tool that could offer an engaging entry…

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Moonrise Poem

Poetry Comes to our Collection Online

Did you know that April is National Poetry Month?  To celebrate, the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Mayor’s office is hosting Poem In Your…

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Cross-posting the Collection to Wikimedia Commons and the Internet Archive

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  it’s simply not enough to publish assets on our own website—we cannot expect people to come…

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Mobile Web

Today we are releasing a mobile version of our website and are happily following in the footsteps of our colleagues at the Powerhouse Museum and…

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Collection Online: Opening the Floodgates

Today, we are going from 12,598 records to more than 94,000 in our collection online and this increase represents a substantial change in the way…

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Brooklyn Museum Collection Labs

Today, we are taking a page from Google and releasing a labs environment for our collection online.  Having the collection online for 18 months has…

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Working Guidelines for the Copyright Project

“Any analysis of ownership and duration must be performed on a case-by-case basis for each work.” Copyright & Cultural Institutions: Guidelines for Digitization for U.S….

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Little Images, Big Art

Some of you may have noticed how, over time, some of the small images on our site—the ones with the “Why is this image so…

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Copyright is complicated

Copyright is complicated. What’s protected? What’s not? And it’s even more complicated for art, where the work may not be dated and there are questions…

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Doing the Right Thing

Did you know that today is the first annual World’s Fair Use Day? We’ve been toiling over an ongoing project to better identify the rights…

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Calling the Mayor…

If you’re our mayor on Foursquare, we’ve got a promo running that you should check out.  Not the mayor?  Be sure to check-in at the…

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Common Ground: Global Flickr Commons Meetup Needs Your Favs!

Are you a fan of the materials being uploaded to the Flickr Commons?   Well, we are huge fans and that got a few of us…

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The New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC): Towards Radical Collaboration

Librarians are natural collaborators—we share materials through interlibrary loan, data through cataloging cooperatives, and our subject and technical expertise on numerous listservs and professional committees—but…

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