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Years ago I began looking for powerful images that depict the life of faith for use in worship in our small Vermont Church. Frequently I found individual works by James Tissot, and curious to find more I began to explore books and the internet. To my disappointment there were very few books containing more than a few of Tissot's stunning paintings, and I discovered that his works had not been on display in any significant number for many years. So I was extremely excited to discover the exhibit of more than 100 of his illustrations at the Brooklyn Museum. Saturday October 24th my wife and I went to view the exhibit of Tissot's Life of Christ organized by Judith Dolkart. Never have I witnessed a more moving and thoughtful portrayal of Jesus birth, ministry, passion and resurrection. The descriptions with each work were exceptional, briefly telling the story illustrated, exploring the paintings, reflecting on the artist's process as explained in his own commentaries. I would urge anyone interested in the life of Jesus to come and spend a couple of hours. Take your time and read the stories, look into the paintings,and search your heart. Mine was deeply moved. I can see why people at the original exhibitions of these works wept before them. My profound thanks to the Brooklyn Museum and to Judith Dolkart! Friend, do not miss this exceptional opportunity and touching exhibition!
Posted by Rev. Marsh Hudson-Knapp
Oct 25, 2009 at 9:09pm
an excellent show, really enjoyed the intimate nature of the portraits (especially b.i.g and ian curtis) to the performance shots of the Stones and Tina Turner. Thank you.
interesting exhibt using art to twist ideas and convey a point using graphic ideas and various material and fabrics.
Posted by Diamantis
Aug 01, 2009 at 10:10pm
an incurable romantic!
An extraordinary painter, with such a wide range of subjects, and perspectives and emotion in his work. I loved this show, particularly since I knew nothing of Caillebotte before now, and have come to realize he is one of the best kept secrets of impressionist art. Thank you, Brooklyn Museum!
This is a very informative exhibition on two levels: first, in terms of educating the viewer about Coptic and Pagan sculpture, and second, in terms of turning inward on the museum's collection practices and providing information about fakes and forgeries. Very bold and excellent move on the part of this museum, and really well displayed.
This has a really detailed collection and awesome interactive touch screens that help you learn about more history.
Posted by Tanita Salmeron
Aug 08, 2009 at 4:04pm