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Unknown artist. Egyptologist Margaret Murray (1863–1963) led a team of scientists at the unwrapping of the mummy of the "Two brothers" at Manchester, 1908. Manchester Museum, University of Manchester, Manchester, England

Margaret Murray
b. 1863, Calcutta; d. 1963, England

Margaret Murray was a British archaeologist and scholar of witchcraft. She was a professor of Egyptology at the University College in England from 1911 to 1932 and participated in digs in Egypt (1902–4), Malta (1921–24), Hertfordshire, England (1925), Minorca (1930–31), Petra (1937), and Tell Ajjul in Palestine (1938). In addition to publishing in the field of archaeology, Murray contributed to the scholarship on witchcraft with her 1921 book The Witch Cult in Western Europe, which had a significant influence on occultist Gerald B. Gardner, pioneer of the modern witchcraft revival.

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