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Hems: Anno

Hems: Anno

Cair Crawford. Hems: Anno, 2010.

Hems & Folds, Diptych: Fold - acrylic/canvas (60"x60"); Hem - oil/wax/canvas (12"x60").

Folds bind the appearance of a succession of intervals together; hems double back to stitch them down. Like prosceniums, borders set the stage for making things visible, whether real or imaginary.

The palette for this series has been reduced to black and white, matte, and luminescent mediums, to build upon changes of light and shadow that unfold through slits and a variety of inflections.

Borders supplement a textual element characteristic of folds, writing, and weaving to reflect the over all theme that binds the composite pieces together.

The paintings are to be hung six inches off the floor to facilitate a point of view that extends the act of painting to the viewer and makes the the visible legible as it unfolds.


luminosity, pearl, white, gray, black, drapes, folds, text, conceptual, abstract, narrative

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