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Knitting Books: Black Knit Book

Knitting Books:  Black Knit Book

Cair Crawford. Knitting Books: Black Knit Book, 2010–2011.

Black Knit Book (Asphaltick Pool) - Dark designs, reiterated crimes, 108 pages.

The Knit Books are supplemental 'text' to Hems (hmmms) & Folds. They are a meditation on a thousand-thousand folds and an ironic commentary on the subversive nature of knitting/writing. As a visual language, the Knitting Books read like a succession of singular utterances that go unnoticed until the task is unfurled. The plot line, which builds upon the idea of how actions and ideas fit together, is an inverted narrative about being driven by circumstances toward unforeseen results.

See: Deleuze, Gilles. The Fold, Leibniz and the Baroque. University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 1993.


politics., textual, folds, visual literacy, narrative, non-narrative, knitting, writing, book, meditation

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