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Hairpiece Number One (Geniepony)

Hairpiece Number One (Geniepony)

Carrie Yury. Hairpiece Number One (Geniepony), 2011.

Like dangerous specimens or hunting trophies brought back from a B-movie, the wall-mounted hair sculptures, video animations, and animation stills in my current project Hairpieces both expose and generate strange connections between sexual fantasy, power, and women’s hair. For example, in Hairpiece #1 (GeniePony) a massive mane of jouissance spills forth from the end of an elaborate, tumescent shaft. Phallic thrusts of imagined female power and sexuality, my Hairpieces take on, animate, and embody the idea of women’s hair as dangerous, mystical force in order to thoughtfully critique and playfully satirize gender stereotypes and standards for female beauty.


I Dream of Genie, My Pretty Pony, Josie Stevens, hair, phallus

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Long Beach, CA


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