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Absolute Exotic

Absolute Exotic

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen. Absolute Exotic, 2005.

The rap is about what it's like to be an exotic object because of my ethnic appearance, and that I often meet men, who chooses 'ethnic dark girls'. It is a reverse race discrimination, so to mean discrimination in a positive way. I want to point out the existing hierarchy and race discrimination between different ethnic groups in society depending on where you are. E.G. in Denmark it is cooler to be African or Asiatic rather than a Greenlandic or Muslim. The social status of a foreigner would be different elsewhere, in the U.S. or in Greece. Refrain. So hip to be a nigger puffy lips, hips, tits and figure he chose that half nigger lass Mulatto with balloon ass Asia is out of fashion fed up with competition Used to feel I was special now I am universal sick of being a target of this ethnic supermarket sick of being a target in this ethnic supermarket


exoticism, Race, performance, projection, discrimination, Video installation, colonialism, postcolonialism

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Copenhagen S, Denmark

Kirkhoff Contemporary Sturlasgade 12b
Copenhagen S, Denmark 2300

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