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Holy Wood

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen. Holy Wood, 2005.

Holy Wood takes place on Easter Week in San Fernando Cutud in the Philippines. The visuals shows different religious Catholic rituals as fragmentation, parades on ornamented caravans with Christian Saints. The main event in Cutud is on Holy Friday, when voluntaries crucify themselves. The music is rock pop composed for the video. The lyrics are rewritten excerpts from a Marilyn Manson Album, Holy Wood from 2000. My intention is make two different Worlds with opposite views on religion meet. The text of Marilyn Manson represents an anti-Christ belief and Gothic mentally the dark side, and he is critical to the Christian belief. Though in his lyrics he often mentions the word God. Therefore Manson's lyrics can ’fit’ perfectly to images of a group of fundamentalist Christians without noticing the different content.


Jesus, Documentary, Christianity, Easter, Marilyn Manson, irony, Philippines, Religion

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