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In the Garden: Cornucopia

In the Garden: Cornucopia

Nancy Macko. In the Garden: Cornucopia, 2006.

In the Garden:Cornucopia, a two-plate color etching and spit bite, is a bleed edge measuring 32 X 25”. The work recalls a time when the feminine was sacred and women were truly revered. The mysteries of fecundity and the life force are re-enacted through rituals that honor the sacred feminine. The visual reference to rich textiles and wall coverings may appear to give the work a sentimental edge but that is neatly overridden by the powerful images of an active feminine that knows no bounds allowing the work to sustain a sense of irony more than anything else. As part of a larger series of prints, this intaglio print creates an important intersection between my digital prints and my installations.


cornucopia, fecundity, textiles, wallpaper, roses, plumb bob, etching

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Upland, CA

Macko Studios, 1252 Monte Vista Ave, #21
Upland, CA

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