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Lore of the Bee Priestess

Nancy Macko. Lore of the Bee Priestess, 1992–2004.

Lore of the Bee Priestess imagines a feminist utopia where worker bees are female, priestesses of the Goddess are Melissae, and Demeter is the pure Mother Bee. As the Bee Priestess returns to the ancient sites seeking the essential connection to her spirit as part of an infinite continuum, she finds that it no longer exists. This piece is about her odyssey as she discovers and defines her autonomy and independence and, at the same time, re-connects to this ‘original’ history. This is an odyssey about the process of self-realization that many women experience but of which there is little or no record or history and as such the piece attempts to recover submerged histories. The messages of transformation and regeneration are both visual and aural incorporating original footage and sound from locations around the world. It is my intention to suggest a culture that no longer exists on this plane but one that we might connect to through time and space and art as we sustain hope for a better world in the future.


video, ancient matriarchal cultures, bees, bee priestess, feminist utopia, transformation, regeneration

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Upland, CA

Macko Studios, 1252 Monte Vista Ave, #21
Upland, CA

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