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On Our Path

On Our Path

Helen Redman. On Our Path, 2006.

The golden young feet moving forward are those of my granddaughter Shira. The old wood textured feet astride and behind her are mine. She steps forward into the future--I support her from the past, but at this moment we are both present.

Shira comes to visit when I am working on a mixed media series called "Sole to Soul." My elder explorations are no longer focused on face or hands. Instead, I look down at my aging feet and imagine figure and ground relationships physically and metaphorically inspired by my practice of yoga and meditation.

Once again, family walks back into my art and I invite Shira into my pictorial space. Together we create intergenerational footprints. The seven images (from 1964 to 2006) chosen for this Feminist Art Base are all part of my "Life Line of Art" chronicles. While many other themes and styles have occupied me, family continues to be a core component in my artistic life.

Mixed Media

family, life cycles, narrative, generations, feet

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Helen Redman Pioneer of Feminist Art

San Diego, CA


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