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Sanghee Song. Dongduchun , 2005–2005.

Dongduchen, where this picture is taken, is a small city in the northern GyeongGi province, which is about a two-hour drive away from Seoul. The history of Dongduchen began with the settlement of the 24th division of the US Army in 1951as soon as the Korean War ended. The city of Dongduchen, under the beautiful Soyo Moutain, was turned into a city belonging to a US Army camp instead of an independent administrative district of Korea. In other words, the proprietor is the US Army and not Korea any more. I thought about the Korean women who make their livings there while strolling in the red light district of Dongduchen. They are living isolated without enjoying their basic rights as a human and Korean within the society due to the oppression and silence forced from outside.


opression, culture, history, prostitution, isolation, human rights

Gesture to be a Good Daughter_ Magic GownBlue Hope_ Mangbuseok Blue Hope Mother AThe First lady A Dongduchun Maehang-ri

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