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Untitled Pink Corset Book

Untitled Pink Corset Book

Tamar Stone. Untitled Pink Corset Book, 1999–2000.

After creating a few books in paper, I realized that I wanted the stories that I was telling to become more 3-D, not just text on paper but wanting the stories to become part of the textile. By embroidering the text into the fabric, the text is tactile and the viewer could become more intimately involved with the stories being told, as they would have to interact with the book - by untying the corset strings in order to read the text.

Having to take the time to slow down to unlace all the ties, undo the buckles in order read all the text, is part of the contemplation and therapy of the process; echoing what women have been experiencing for a century of dressing and undressing.

The text from a variety of sources from behavioral manuals of the 19th and 20th centuries, which describe prescriptions of public and private deportment, as well as personal narratives of modern women who have lived with these physical constraints.

All of the text for this book can be found on my website. You can also view videos of my work at: https://vimeo.com/user19754518/videos


stories, bra, girdle, vintage clothing, antique clothing, pink, women's bodies, fabric, sewing, women's work, needlework, doll, corset, artist books, sculpture, girl, posture, embroidery, lace, constraint, body image

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