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Society's Coset: Hints to A Fashionable Lady


Tamar Stone. Society's Coset: Hints to A Fashionable Lady, 2006–2007.

This project was built around a vintage salesman pamphlet for Binner Corsets. I was drawn to the photos of the women in their corsets posing with inanimate objects, as well as the intimate size of the pamphlet that fit into the palm of my hand.

All the images are from the Binner Corset pamphlet. The text is also from that pamphlet in addition to various historical ads, etiquette manuals and quotations taken from women throughout the last century on their feelings about beauty and aging. The pages are printed on fabrics that are associated with women’s intimate apparel (silk satin, and sheer silk chiffon).

The experience of reading this piece becomes extremely intimate, from the time you hold the book in your hands, unlace the girdle to open the book and read the personal text while feeling the sensuousness of the pages between your fingers.

The text for this piece can be found on it's page on my website.


antique clothing, fabric, vintage clothing, vintage girdle, girdle, bra, sculpture, needlework, stories, posture, corset, sewing, women's work, body image, artist books, lace, embroidery, advertising, salesman sample, women's bodies, constraint, lace, doll, pink

Untitled Pink Corset BookSocietyCauses of Female Influence Sensible Mothers. Beautiful ChildrenHealth, Strength, Grace and Symmetry, Vol 2:  Develop to the Highest Degree of Attainable PerfectionItIThings Girls Like to Do

Things Girls Like to DoCauses of Female InfluenceH.T.W.E. [...his thanks was enough]

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