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Causes of Female Influence Sensible Mothers. Beautiful Children

Causes of Female Influence Sensible Mothers. Beautiful Children

Tamar Stone. Causes of Female Influence Sensible Mothers. Beautiful Children, 2007.

This is the second of two books in a series dealing with the issues of mothers, their daughters and the relationships between them The lessons passed along in those relationships are echoed through the bonds that girls have with their sisters, and in this case, siblings that were corseted “together.”

Mothers were able to mold the expectations that young girls had while growing up. With self help books of the period in addition with strongly worded corset advertising, mothers were told that “Every mother should know how essential these waists are to the correct physical development of her children.”

Corset waists were named with the idea that they grow along with the girl, providing “freedom in childhood” with names like “Little Beginners Waists,” “Kiddie-Work-A-Day Waists,” and the “Junior Corset Waist,” among others. The text includes 19th and 20th century quotes from girls wearing these corsets as well as advertising text of the era.

All the specs and text for this piece can be found on on my website. There is also a video of the other volume of this piece at: https://vimeo.com/71706366


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