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Tortilla a la española / Spanish Tortilla

Pilar Albarracín. Tortilla a la española / Spanish Tortilla, 1999.

Tortilla a la española / Spanish Tortilla, 1999 Acción / Performance: Documentación videográfica y fotográfica / Video and photo documentation. 6 mins. 7 sec. "Albarracín takes the most stereotypical aspects of 'Andalusian-ness', which the Franco régime turned into a cliché of 'Spanishness', and dives playfully and critically into them. Food, folklore, religion and the rural economy are fundamental themes in her work. In her performance "Spanish Omelette (Tortilla a la española)," 1999, she cuts away pieces of her dress to 'cook herself' in a metaphoric ceremony of self-immolation..." --Rosa Martinez in "Pilar Albarracín: One and A Thousand Women" (Altadís: París, 2003)


stereotypes, cooking, cutting, eggs, tortilla, Spain, identity, cliches, kitchen, performance, Andalusia, omelette, food

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Madrid, Madrid

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