Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art: Feminist Art Base: Alex Martinis Roe


Listen to the inner workings of the stenotype machine. A stenographer recorded the syllables that she could hear of a conversation between two people sitting behind her. Each time she created a combination on the padded keys, an internal printer simultaneously output a series of letter symbols. How does she make one out of two? A coded body of symbols and the rhythm of her input can tell another person exactly what was said, but not by whom. Encountering this mid-point between remediations of the document, we are faced with a format that prevents our access. Including everything of this transfer, we are lost in what escapes translation: the intimacy of their exchange.

Year: 2010

archive, access, dialogue, conversation, sound, stenotype machine, stenography, documents, posters

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Berlin/Melbourne, Berlin/Victoria


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