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Encounters: Conversation in Practice

Encounters: Conversation in Practice

Alex Martinis Roe. Encounters: Conversation in Practice, 2010.


This project involves encounters between visitors to the project space and the artist, who simultaneously transcribes the events which occur. These transcriptions are both the document of each encounter and the instruction for the following encounter. Using various modes of notation including Hanne Darboven's "non-writing", monochrome Polaroids and geometric diagrams, these transcripts form a cumulative archive in the project space, which in turn influences and informs the choices made during each event. The reenactment of an event from the previous encounter forms the starting point for each new interaction. Each encounter is a decision making process which defines the geographic, aural and visual relation between the artist and the visitor. The need for this spatial work upon relations became apparent via an observed analogy between the psychoanalytic encounter and the art encounter: both are one-on-one. The set physical relation between the psychoanalyst and the analysand produces a particular kind of relation. Analysis of this performative operation highlighted the possibility of producing a practical spatial/temporal framework which could facilitate co-authorship of relations in contemporary art contexts, specific to each different encounter. This genealogy of different encounters, which forms the project Encounters: Conversation in Practice, explores both the encounter itself and the artist's contribution as the stenographer of events.


Polaroids, genealogy, geometry, encounters, conversation, dialogue, reenactment, documents, archive, transcripts, diagrams, contact microphones, sound, difference, performance, Berlin, collectivity

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Berlin/Melbourne, Berlin/Victoria


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