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Anti-Vertical Demonstration Expanded Workshop

Anti-Vertical Demonstration Expanded Workshop

Alex Martinis Roe. Anti-Vertical Demonstration Expanded Workshop, 2010.

In a militant act of stationery activism, the anti-vertical demonstration extrapolated the entropic relationship between theory and praxis. Defining a feedback loop between individual and collective consumption of representational imagery as a key area of discourse, the anti-vertical demonstration explored potential strategies of resistance. In this live demonstration repeating the same strategy demonstrated both the need for constant hard work, but also the need for that work to be flexible and resourceful.

In the interests of generating a comradeship between those attempting to produce the image and those attempting to reduce it, the anti-vertical demonstration expanded workshop has been devised as a means of primary encounter. In discovering a lack of solution in the anti-vertical demonstration expanded workshop, there could begin a generative conversation between those with the desire to produce the image and those with the desire to reduce it.

It may become a question as to why this desire can be considered a kind of workplace. How and why is it an objective to collectivize? Toward a negotiation between the desire to seek agency through sameness and the difficult task of considering and accommodating the singularity of the whom, the anti-vertical demonstration expanded workshop is a means to an end. A dictatorship of the image (as it approaches text) is at the expense of the material.

As a gesture toward further conversation here is the formula:

take a printed image without significance
cut it into equal parts
devise a system for remembering the relation of the parts
delegate these tasks amongst you who wish to collectivize:

collate the parts into a whole by means of a binding instrument
rip these parts from the binding instrument systematically attempt to connect the parts according to the order of the original formation using a similar binding method
rip the parts apart again against the strength of the binding method

repeat until impossible

provided by Alex Martinis Roe


photocopies, sound performance, office aesthetics, verticality, horizontality, workplace relations, stationery, collective, political aesthetics, representation, labor, horizon line

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