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Affirmations: The Scene

Affirmations: The Scene

Alex Martinis Roe. Affirmations: The Scene, 2010.

Affirmations: involved a series of one-on-one encounters and publicly available documents of those encounters. The one-on-one encounters re-negotiated the normative spatial geography that determines the roles of artist and audience in the gallery through interactive work with objects. The constructed encounters took the form of four one-on-one workshops at Light Projects, Melbourne. Each workshop took the space of the gallery and a sculpture I had made called The Scene (comprised of two similar glass triangles, framed in aluminum that are joined but occupy different axes of space) as the context for a negotiation. The negotiations consisted of an instructional task to hang/install/place one of three identical framed images in the space. Each negotiation produced a considered set of parameters that reworked the roles of artist and viewer and the mode of their relation. The workshops involved private one-on-one negotiations between myself and a psychoanalyst; H?l?ne Frichot (an architectural theorist); and Allie Ford (an astro-biologist/physicist). Each of these professionals was chosen for the very different ways in which each of their understandings of space would inform the negotiations.


neutrality, representation, reflection, white cube, modernist gallery, normative framework, minimalism, documents, certificates, negotiation, geometry, space, conversations, psychoanalysis, astro-biologist, architectural theorist, objects, interaction, workshops

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Berlin/Melbourne, Berlin/Victoria


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