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Audrey Superhero

Amy Jenkins. Audrey Superhero, 2010.

“I wanted to be a boy when I got borned, you know, outta your tummy!” -Audrey, age 6. "Audrey Superhero," an experimental documentary, explores the shifting terrain of gender identity. The film includes vividly charged discussions with Audrey, who insists she is Superman. Playful and arresting, Audrey de-cloaks from Clark Kent to Superman, revealing her “secret identity” as a boy. She does push-ups, practices flying, vehemently declares “I wanted to be a boy when I got borned, you know, outta your tummy!” and imagines “saving the police from the bad guy,” all the while drawing us into her state of transformation. The unscripted narrative is built through the collaboration of mother and daughter; Audrey is youthfully honest and willing to reveal her inner emotional state. She is open as only a six year old could be. "Audrey Superhero" was originally funded by and exhibited at ATHICA: Athens Institute of Contemporary Art, Georgia. Thus far it has screened at Anthology Film Archives, NYC; Three Rivers Film Festival, PA; and Athena Film Festival , NYC; among others.


video, experimental documentary film, daughter, motherhood, mother, transgender, childhood, superman, gender identity, Superhero, Amy Jenkins

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