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Amy Sillman

Amy Sillman has exhibited throughout the US and Europe. She is known both for her emotionally evocative paintings, and for her works on paper. Sillman’s work employs an expressive language involving issues of affect, affection and a rigorously formal interest in painterly concerns, particularly that of color and its functions both formally and psychologically. Her work is in numerous public collections including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
I have always been a feminist, since I was in high school. Meanwhile, I am trying to make paintings with a complex psychological presence. I am interested in spanning spaces from intuition to conception, from utterance to image to icon, from stillness to action, construction, or erasure and destruction. My process is interior, personal, often illogical, about folk tales, memories, fragments, daydreams... but also about observation from life and looking, and about straightforward formal concerns like color and shape. -Amy Sillman, 2007

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Untitled (Landscape)Big GirlThemComplex SpaceUntitledPurple ThingPsychology Today

New York, NY
United States

c/o Sikkema Jenkins & Co. 530 W. 22nd St.
New York, NY 10011
United States

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