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Ellensburg WA 1973

Ellensburg WA 1973

Betty Tompkins. Ellensburg WA 1973, 1973.

Me with Fuck Painting #6 and Fuck Painting #5. Both are 84x60"

In 1973, I was invited to be in an exhibition/auction at S.C.P. Guy Louder, Herve Poulain, Pierre Cornette De Saint-Cyr's Contemporary Art Department. The show was called "Realism, New Realism, Photo Realism". The curator was Maurice-Frederick Calatchi. It took place on April 12, 1973 at Espace Cardin, 3 Avenue Gabriel, 75008 Paris. Maurice had come to my studio in New York City and picked out 2 paintings for the exhibition, Fuck Painting #1 and Fuck Painting #5. They were duly picked up from me on January 30, 1973, crated and shipped off. The crate was opened in France and the paintings were declared pornographic by a customs official and denied entry to the country. This was told to me by phone and in May also by letter. I am surprised to see that I actually do still have the consignment forms and letters from this event. A catalog was made of the show after all of the work was in Paris. My work is not included. Maurice sent me a copy along with a note expressing his regret and referring to the letter. After a year of phone calls and letters, the paintings were finally repatriated to me. There was no difficulty when they arrived in New York. Fuck Painting #1 is now in the permanent collection of Centre Pompidou/CNAC in Paris along with the original source photograph and the drawing I made after I completed the painting in 1969. They showed the painting in a "Recent Acquisition" exhibition in 2004 and have loaned the drawing to Muse De Beaux Arts in Lyon for a show called "La Plaisser Au Dessin" in 2007. Fuck Painting #1 is also included in the upcoming exhibition? “Elles@Centre Pompidou” exhibition. The CNAC curator, Camille Morineau, had originally seen a group of 4 of the original fuck paintings at The Lyon Biennale in 2003. The critic, Bob Nickas, curated me into the Biennale after seeing my work at the first show I had at Mitchell Altus Gallery in 2002.


sex, france, censorship, painting

Cow Cunt Painting #2Fuck Painting #1Photo by Ari MarcoupolosEllensburg WA 1973Fuck Painting #34Girl on Girl Painting #2Masturbation Painting #2

New York, NY


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