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Nisai (Pertaining to Women)

Nisai (Pertaining to Women)

Canan Şenol. Nisai (Pertaining to Women), 1999.

This book consisting of miniatures and calligraphy has been produced by the influence of the statement in Kuran-ý Kerim under the title “Nisa”. This is a summary of women who have been shaped by the strict statements of sins and shame that have been shaped them starting from childhood, with religion lessons and traditions. When religion is deeply considered and revised, many aspects of the daily life springs from those sources. To burn in hell, to make a sin, to feel dirty and nasty, to lock yourself in the house or to be locked by someone else, to belong to a room, to perceive the men more capable and powerful than the women, to feel incapable of realizing something, not having self-confidence, not having right to do or have something, to feel that you are being watched, to think of the body as a sexual object, to give out the body as a gift, to perceive sexuality as a requirement but not as a feeling of pleasure, to be a loyal wife, a good servant and a precious mother... “Nisai” is an Arabic word that means associated with women. The work includes the old and the new technically. Some miniatures used in the book are deconstructed from their original forms.


book, tradition, culture, childhood, miniatures, religion, shame, calligraphy, sin, Istanbul, Qur’an, Arabic, Kuran

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