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With What Ass Does the Cockroach Sit?

With What Ass Does the Cockroach Sit?

Carmelita Tropicana. With What Ass Does the Cockroach Sit? , 2004.

"With What Ass Does the Cockroach Sit?" written by Carmelita Tropicana. A solo monologue directed by David Schweizer. Premiered at INTAR Theatre in 2004. Photo Credit: Ela Troyano. "With What Ass Does the Cockroach Sit?" uses the saga of Elian Gonzalez, a Cuban shipwrecked boy, as a springboard to discuss Cuban politics from within and outside the island. A fantasy tale narrated by Martina, a Cuban cucaracha, and her best friend Catalina, a parrot owned by a singer of the Nueva Vista Social Club. Margo Jefferson critic for "The New York Times" writes about the use of comedy in "With What Ass Does the Cokroach Sit?" : “Americans tend to favor realistic comedy. But fantasy is a great weapon… Points of view we take for granted suddenly become absurd in this setting. Familiar words and phrases become unfamiliar, even a bit uncanny.”


Ela Troyano, David Schweizer, Latina, comedy, cucaracha, fantasy, Cuba, Elian Gonzalez

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