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Public Broadcast Exercises

Public Broadcast Exercises

Chengyao He. Public Broadcast Exercises, 2004.

The content of this work includes warm up -- the movements -- getting on all fours, moving the waist, squats, kicks, jumps, and relaxation. Besides providing to the audience with a scene of a distorted body as a result of the plastic adhesive plaster wrapped around it like a package, the body also distorts when it struggles. Diligently performing calisthenics to radio music, on all four limbs, emits a hissing sound as a result of the rubber adhesion. The work tries hard to conjure the experience of a collective memory, in part. This work was done for the first time in 2002, when I participated in seventh session of NIPAF Asia behavior art festival period in Japan. Considered "Calisthenics to Radio Music" the linguistic environment in mainland China area, in 2004 is very fond of the body, when Shanghai's Dolonnur modern art museum participation the display, this work has implemented the second scene behavior.


plastic adhesive, calisthenics, distortion, China

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