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More saints seen # 29

More saints seen # 29

Cyrilla Mozenter. More saints seen # 29, 2005.

This piece is one of the thirty hand-sewn, cream-colored vessel-form sculptures (along with thirty-one drawings) that comprise "More saints seen," exhibited at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in 2005-2006. The title is a phrase from Gertrude Stein's libretto "Four Saints In Three Acts." It provided the impetus for this body of work. The sculptures are vessel forms that evoke sacred ritual objects. They are made of seamed and stitched cream-colored industrial wool felt and include pencil drawing, toothpicks, pearls, pearl buttons, silver bugle beads, and wooden ice cream spoons found in the street. The pencil-drawn felt is stitched together by hand with pale grey silk thread, the ends of which are left to clump and dangle--exposed roots or nerve ends. While felt absorbs liquid, vessels by definition are able to contain it. These vessels cannot function as such, but instead have an absurd pale presence, that of ghosts or resurrected memories of these elemental and essential forms. Many of the vessels suggest (saintly) figures. Grouped, they seem characters in a play or dream, action momentarily suspended.


essential, thread, pencil, white, felt, wooden ice cream spoon, found objects, iconic, textile, vessel, self-supporting, interior space, sculpture, wool, hand-sewn

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"More saints seen" installation with interview

New York, NY
United States


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