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The 3-Dimensional Web installation

The 3-Dimensional Web installation

Cristina Biaggi. The 3-Dimensional Web installation, 1993.

The Web is an ancient archetypal symbol derived from animal art, which in its latest manifestation, has come to symbolize the contemporary wave of the Women's Movement. From the Women's Pentagon Actions of the seventies to Greenham Common and Seneca Falls during the eighties, the Web has been woven as a reminder of our interconnection with all living things and of the need for peace. The installation, which has been created in many venues using natural and existing surroundings, is made from different thicknesses of red-hued ropes measuring one mile in length. The ropes are woven and knotted together at intervals in both the vertical and horizontal planes. The purely arbitrary occurrence of knots is intended to express the randomness and yet connectedness of life and experience. Scattered within the web and suspended from it are a number of painted spheres made of papier mâché and decorated with cosmic designs. The spheres can be taken to express our world as one among many in the cosmos; the different hues of red as differentiation within unity.


Women's Pentagon Actions, Seneca Falls, feminist, collage, web, the seventies, Greenham Common

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Palisades, NY


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