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Raging Medusa

Raging Medusa

Cristina Biaggi. Raging Medusa, 1998.

The Medusa is one of the artist’s favorite sculpture motifs. “She has fascinated me because she is not afraid, she doesn’t look back, she hits the nail on the head, her eyes see through all falsehood. She is the mistress of life and death.”

This piece represents the fury of women duped and enslaved by patriarchy and the deepest anger toward the Earth Herself at being cataclysmically devastated. Medusa is the scream of women’s outrage in the night. She is the rage and indignation of the inequities of life. She represents the fertile anger, the blue hot light of wrath that will blow up and shatter everything in its path. Out of the shattered remains of the old, the new world will emerge full of promise and hope. Medusa is an image of transformation.


rage, Medusa, scream, anger, transformation, fury

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Palisades, NY


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