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Cancan Girls: Baubo and Demeter

Cancan Girls: Baubo and Demeter

Cydra Vaux. Cancan Girls: Baubo and Demeter, 2008.

Instead of narrating Baubo and Demeter in a traditional way, I have expressed their mood and the emotions they stir in me when I hear their story. Traditionally, Boubo is rendered without a head, and her face superimposed upon her torso, giving voice to the body and circumnavigating the intellect. In Greek mythology Baubo is the trickster who shakes Demeter from her deep mourning with sacred obscene jokes. In addition to a high kicking boisterous dance, the title “cancan” refers to a woman’s ability: Yes, We Can!


mandorla, women's history, sculpture, Baubo, breasts, heart, terracotta, myth, goddess, yoni

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Pittsburgh, PA


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