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Creation Story

Creation Story

Cydra Vaux. Creation Story, 2008.

This piece envisions men and women working together to create order, beauty and life. Moving beyond the narrow confines of a dogmatic creation story, it presents religious myth as a symbolic dialogue that inspires and comforts. I was inspired by my brother’s partner who labored to birth their son. My brother relayed mythic tales of her heroic efforts and how she spent many hours in hard labor to birth their dear little baby.

Working spontaneously from my subconscious I tried not to think while making this piece. I focused on chucking clay up on the stand to make interesting patterns and forms that flowed. I wanted this piece to have a flavor of India about it, without being an overtly Indian piece of art.


male nude, sculpture, birth, pregnancy, myth, goddess, snake

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Pittsburgh, PA


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