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Jana (goddess of the past and future)

Jana (goddess of the past and future)

Cydra Vaux. Jana (goddess of the past and future), 2007.

Upon returning from India in 2005 I felt out of sorts for many months. I missed India like my home. On a profound level I was leaving one stage of my life and getting ready to enter another. I was questioning a lot of my life and often felt like the ground underneath me had shifted profoundly and I was trying to make sense of things. Also, I was not able to make art for a while after returning from India. It was very unsettling and painful for me. Gratefully, I did return to my studio, and Jana was the piece that broke my visual silence. As with many of my previous pieces I did not have a plan for the piece. I just started pushing clay around on the stand. A friend visiting my studio commented that the piece looked like the goddess, Jana. Jana looks behind her to the passing year, and forward to the upcoming year, just as I had been doing since my return from India.


terracotta, heart, goddess, sculpture, Jana, myth

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