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Made In

Daniela I Kostova. Made In, 2004–2005.

Shot in Bulgaria but edited in the US, “Made In” video explores communication between distant places and different realities. It presents two points of view of the same subject and reveals the distortions of meaning resulting from the differing contexts of the viewers. It also draws a picture of a world with a limited choice of politics: a choice between a nationalistic ideology growing in a small post-communist country, and an Imperialistic one emerging from the world’s largest economy. In the video I took a portable blue screen to a public square in Sofia, Bulgaria and keyed (a process of “hole cutting”, or subtracting part of the picture) an image of it by using the seamless effect of the blue screen. The image that represents my background is later transformed to a dress and becomes a subject of intense debate between me and my Bulgarian friend Boryana.

Mixed Media

blue screen, dress, USA, Alexander Nevsky, Sofia, letter

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