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Who is Afraid Of The Big, Black Bear

Who is Afraid Of The Big, Black Bear

DEMI. Who is Afraid Of The Big, Black Bear, 2010.

A group children stand gazing at a stuffed panda which is as large or ever larger than the gathered youth. The ear is reminiscent of one of Goya's creatures, such as the "bobalicon," who scares children into submission. But the children look at the bear with an air of ironic amusement: the boy studies the bear with pursed lips and the tall girl analyzes him, while two other children look at the spectator with amused expressions as if asking, "isn't this a funny game?".

Here I play with the ink-blacks of the bear and the background as these are offset by the bright lights of the pink roses and white garments of the children. These are worn as though they were shields against the dark. Employing color and light, I present to the viewer with children so strong that even the "bogey-bear" does not faze them.


children, Fear

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