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Hsia-Fei Chang

Hsia-Fei Chang results from a generation that received a teaching borrowed several cultures. This artist plastician chose a formation marked by generations of artists who infiltrate the fields of the production to the diffusion. Hsia-Fei is a character that passes briskly from an expression to another, in a report/ratio very particular to time without ever giving the impression to miss ease. Its practice of various mediums is thus between the performance, the installation, the film amateur, it video, photography. Hsia-Fei was born pluri disciplinary, it maintains a kind of disconcerting character at the same time heroin of counting rhyme, vulnerable to Lynch and femme fatale in Wong Kar Wai. This 29-year-old artist juggles with the elements, which it chooses to analyze and to incarnate. She can tally as much the image of a horse-gear, red flowers that to work on the words of a song, the fragment of the body or indices that indicate the absence of the people. Hsia-Fei shows us our own limits when it acts of our intimacy, an act that speaks about the reports/ratios that we maintain with the others and ourself.
Hsia-Fei Chang's work is less concerned with reclaiming an identity than with challenging the stereotypes constraining women in Western societies; she appropriates different female profiles to disrupt viewers' assumptions.
-Evelyne Jouanno

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Paris, 75001

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