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Self-Portrait as Lucy With Bottles and Flowers

Self-Portrait as Lucy With Bottles and Flowers

Jane Zweibel. Self-Portrait as Lucy With Bottles and Flowers, 2007.

This piece is from my series of stuffed paintings collectively titled "Prayer Project". It is a self-portrait in the guise of the character Lucy from the "I Love Lucy" TV show. In this stuffed painting, and the series in general, tension is created through the depiction of private moments of intense contemplation, subjected to the viewer's public gaze. The props, flowers and pill bottles, layer the image with multiple meanings. Both humor and pathos are contained in this particular image.


autobiography, fantasy, expressionism, surrealism, personal, societal, political, addiction, humor, drama, Self-portraits, portraits, figurative, narrative, mixed media, painting, sculpture, shaped, gender, pop culture, aging, body-image, psychological

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Brooklyn, New York
United States

26 Winthrop Street
Brooklyn, New York 11225
United States

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