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Self-Portrait Praying #2

Self-Portrait Praying #2

Jane Zweibel. Self-Portrait Praying #2, 2008.

In this piece from my "Prayer Project" series of stuffed paintings, the subject matter depicted is three-fold. The self-portrait in a pose of prayer and supplication elicits an intense connection with the viewer. The image of the abandoned asylum suggests age-old and contemporary states of anxiety and fear. The field of flowers conjures up cycles of decay and regeneration.

Mixed Media

identity, body-image, psychological, autobiography, mythology, fantasy, expressionism, surrealism, personal, societal, political, mental illness, addiction, nature, ruins, architecture, Self-portraits, women, figurative, narrative, mixed media, painting, sculpture, shaped, gender, sexuality, aging

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Brooklyn, New York
United States

26 Winthrop Street
Brooklyn, New York 11225
United States

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