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Self-Portrait as Misfit #4

Self-Portrait as Misfit #4

Jane Zweibel. Self-Portrait as Misfit #4, 1997.

This painting is part of a series titled "Misfits". It is both a self-portrait and a portrait of an Everywoman. She is depicted in the midst of a lush landscape, involved in an epic and everyday struggle: that of trying to "fit" into one's own skin, and a woman's ordinary battle with pantyhose. The narrative is simultaneously humorous and disturbing.


drama, humor, political, personal, societal, emotion, narrative, autobiography, psychological, identity, multi-panel, painting, figurative, nature, landscape, pantyhose, nudity, clothing, Self-portrait, portrait, women, gender, body-image

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Brooklyn, New York
United States

26 Winthrop Street
Brooklyn, New York 11225
United States

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